legends cup

For the best of the best! $1,000 Cash Prize

1st = $1,000 and Signature Legends Cup (To Remain on Display at KO)

2nd = Money Back, Legends Medal

3rd = Legends Medal

High Intensity Friday Night Match - Do you have what it takes?

- 8 Teams (Only)

- 3 Game Guarantee

- Top 4 in Standings advance to Cup Round

- Standard Scoring System for Standings

- Crazy 8s (Exception: 10min rounds)


- 4 Teams (Advance from Prelims)

- 8 Players per Team

- 8 Min. per Game

- Rosters cannot be changed or altered once 1st match has started

- Goals cannot be scored directly from kick-off

- Goals cannot be scroded directly from kick-in

- Goals cannot be scored directly from a goal clearance

             *Ball must be intentionally played to another attacking team mate*

- 4 second restart for goal clearance and kick-in


- Check-in  @ 6:00 PM

- Tournament Start Time - 7:00 PM 

- All players must be 17 years of age or older

- Each team plays 3 games guaranteed

- Rosters can not change once 1st match has started

- Each Prelim game is match is 10 minutes long, Cup Round matches are 8 minutes long. You have 8 minutes to win it!

- Winner of Prelims is based on standard point system

- For Cup Round, each match must have a clear winner

- Tie Breaker (1) : Extra Time (4 min.) Golden Goal

- Tie Breaker (2) : Texas Shootout, 3 sec shot clock, centerfield, keeper may not move from line until shooter is at top of box.

- Any form of excessive poor sportsman like attitude will result in automatic DQ!


- $40 per player

- Once your money goes into the "POT" your committed to WIN, no refunds

- $10 per coach per team, only ( 1 ) coach allowed per team

- $5 Fan entry fee, 12 yrs and older


- 1st Place : $1,000 Cash Prize, Legends Cup, Picture Framed above cup at KO

- 2nd Place : Money Back, Legends 2nd Place Medal

- 3rd Place : Legends 3rd Place Medal