League Play Format & Basic Rules of Play

*Update: For August 2021*

*All League Players must purchase a 12 Month Membership: $35 includes ID Card

*ID Cards will be required at front desk during check-in prior to a match, open play, scrimmage or practice - wrist band will be given to proceed to court

Youth Divisions:

All youth should be assigned to their appropriate division according to their birthyear, see Age Chart for reference. 

Girls and Boys may play on the same team if so desired. There will be no special rules that apply; However, KO Indoor will first attempt to place a team with an obvious majority of one gender in their respective gender specific division. 

A youth player may play in any division so desired and practical for safety reasons. Note that it is KO Indoors responsibility to ensure a safe and fair match, hence KO Indoor reserves the right to make the final call if a youth player may play in a requested division. 

All youth under the age of 17 must wear utilize proper sporting equipment. Flat rubber soled shoes, long socks that completely cover shin guards, shin guards (of course!) and no jewelry during a match. An official will inspect every player to ensure he/she has a wrist band (given by the front desk) and is properly dressed and ready. If the official says no, its got to go..

All players participating in any event held at KO Indoor, must complete and hold on file a liability waiver. One can be provided at the front desk or can be completed online.

At KO Indoor we want your young athlete to develop and perform at their best, but we ultimately want your child to be safe and enjoy what they are working so hard at! If at any time you have a request or concern, don't hesitate to let our staff know! We will do what we can or try create something better for you! - Futsal, how the world plays Soccer! -


Adult Division:

Adult divisions are reserved for players ages 16 and up. Some divisions however are age and gender specific and players should register accordingly.

It is not required for Adults to wear shin guards; however, it is highly recommended. No cleated footwear is allowed on the court at any time for any reason. Jewelry will be left at the officials’ discretion.

To register for an Adult division, players must present some form of identification showing birth year when registering.

All players participating in any event held at KO Indoor, must complete and hold on file a liability waiver. One can be provided at the front desk or can be completed online.



Standard League Play Basic Rules and Fee's

-League Registration (Rosters are Final after 2nd Scheduled Match)

$60 per individual for ages 6 and under

$70 per individual for ages 7 to Adult

(All registration is due prior to start of 2nd scheduled match, if not paid in full by 2nd match a $10 fee per individual per game will be assessed, this "Game Pass" will not go towards the registration fee)

-U5/U6 Divisions: Team must have 3 or more players to register as a team.

-U8 to U16 Divisions: Team must have 5 or more players to register as a team. Max (Unlimited), if more than 10 KO Indoor will ask to make a second team

    -All Adult Divisions: Team must have 5 or more players to register as a team. Max (10 Rostered Players). *Update: for August 2021*

-All divisions will be guaranteed 8 League Games

- U5/U6 will be (4) 10 min. quarters, Coach call. There will be no officials provided, this is a time for the coach and players to work on the game of play. Get out there with the kids and have fun!

-Youth U8 and up will be (2) 20 min. halves. (1) Official on the court

-Adult Division will be (2) 22 min. halves. (1) Official on the court

    *Guest Players - All scheduled matches must have present a  minimum of 3 rostered players. (2) Guest Players are allowed to play for your team, each guest player must be a KO Indoor Member. Annual Memberships can be purchased prior to start of Match along with "Game Pass"

        - Game Pass: $10 per game played

        - Teams may not have more than 7 players competing in their scheduled match when using "Guest Players"

                Ex. 1: Team 1 has (2) players arrive to compete. Forfeit No Guest Players Allowed towards official match

                Ex. 2: Team 1 has (3) players arrive to compete. (2) Guest Players are allowed to compete.

                Ex. 3: Team 1 has (6) Players arrive to compete. (Only 1) Guest Player is allowed to compete.

        - Guest Players must be KO Members and checked in prior to the 7th minute of game time in the first half.

Fee’s and Penalties: $25.00 ; Must be paid before next scheduled match

Forfeiture Fee : Must have at least (3) Rostered Players to start match, Only (2) Guest Players allowed at anytime.


Reschedule Fee : Only if requested 5 Days before scheduled match.


Ejection from Match: Ejection from a Match will result in suspension of next scheduled match and Fee. Must be paid before competing in any event hosted by KO Indoor.

Game Clock/ Forfeitures

Game Clock will start according to the scheduled time. If time runs over due to injuries or official requested time stoppage, next match time will start immediately after the end of current match. 

A team must have a min. of 3 players present to start a match. Game clock will start with a 3min. warm-up, then match time will start. After 7 mins of match time has passed, if a team does not have 3 or more players that team will be considered forfeit. (Team/ players remaining and scheduled may use the court for practice or friendly match)

 A fee of $25 will be assessed to the team leader's/ coaches’ account and must be paid prior to start of next match. (Coach/ Team Leader) If you believe your team will not make the scheduled match, you must contact 5 days prior to match day to avoid a forfeiture fee. Your game will be rescheduled and played at a later time or date.


Basic Rules of Play

- Goals cannot be scored directly from an indirect restart (Kick-Off, Kick-In, Goal Clearance, Indirect Foul). Indirect is (2) Touch, before going into a goal the ball must have touched another fielder (Attacking or Defending). A designated goal keeper is not considered a fielder if located inside the goal box, the goal keeper will not be considered a 2nd touch on an indirect restart. 

     Example: (NO GOAL) If during an indirect restart the goal keeper (Inside the goal box) is the last and only player to touch the ball, after the initial touch, and the ball crosses the goal line, that goal will be called back and play will start as a goal clearance. 

Corners: Balls deflected off a defending player and crosses out of bounds on the goal line (outside the goal posts) will be considered a "Corner Kick". Corner Kicks are/will be considered a direct restart and a goal may be directly scored by the attacking player taking the "corner".

4 Second Restart - Attacking players have 4 seconds to put the ball back in play from an indirect restart. Fouls will be signaled with a whistle for start of count.

Keepers - Must Roll, Throw or Bounce the ball back into play outside of the goal box. Keeper has 4 seconds to put the ball back into play. 

Substitutions are unlimited and on the fly. Players being "Sub'd" in may not touch the ball in play until the player leaving has crossed the touch-line out of bounds. 


Playoff Tournaments

-A division will qualify for a playoff tournament only if there are 6 or more teams registered and participating in that division's league season.

-6 to 9 Teams = Top 4 will advance to Playoffs according to regular standings

-10 or more Teams = Top 6 will advance to Playoffs according to regular standings

-Playoffs will be single elimination rounds

        Semi-Finals (Round 1): 1st Place vs 4th Place

        Semi-Finals (Round 2): 2nd Place vs 3rd Place

        Finals: Winner (Round 1) vs Winner (Round 2)

-Tie Breakers - Extra Time (2) 7 min. halves [Golden Goal] ; Shoot-Out 5 shooters (Youth=4 sec shot clock, Adult=3 sec shot clock); Coin Toss


    U5/ U6 Divisions: 1st Place Individual Trophy; Participation Medals for all Players

Non-Qualifying Playoff Divisions: 1st Place Player Medals

Qualifying Playoff Divisions: 

(Youth) 1st Place Team Trophy, 1st Place Individual Trophy; 2nd Place Individual Medals

(Adult) 1st Place $100 Cash Prize to each rostered player, MUST be present at Finals to receive Cash Prize.