FCD-ETX: mini camp

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KO Indoor Complex - Now working with FC Dallas to bring Jacksonville's youth the opportunity to have certified coaches work with them. This opportunity opens up many doors for growth. Mental, Physical, Charatcer - You wont find a better group of coaches or a more dedicated affiliation to help grow your child in this great sport of soccer!

Futsal is how the world plays soccer! Combine that with an exceptional club and the possiblities are endless! 

Come Join Us!!!

This is a supplemental training program offered by FCD ETX for any player, regardless of ability or affiliation. Our CoE program is designed to offer training, delivered by a professional staff, to help develop players for any goals they may have.


Below are some FAQ's:


Who is the "Center of Excellence" for?- Players ranging from seasoned competitive players all the way down to weekend warriors just looking for a place to train and grow


Is anyone invited?- YES! If you are reading this email, you are connected to the club and are invited to come and train! We are open to players from all cities, leagues, and levels. 


What will I learn at the CoE?- This program is designed to develop the PLAYER. We here at FCD-ETX are PLAYER centered, PLAYER driven, and PLAYER first with our CoE program. Skills, attacking, Individual tactics, and much more is the focus of our CoE program. 


When is the CoE open?- We open 4 CoE programs each year. Once in each season (Summer, Fall, Winter, Summer) and work on 8 week blocks. See below for the next one!

CoE July 14th and 15th

Who can Register: Youth born in/from 2012 to 2008

When: July 14th and 15th - (2) Day mini-camp

Times: 9:00 - 11:00 AM

Registration Cost: $40 per player

Coaches: All coaches helping your youth grow are all certified class C or above. Provided by FC Dallas of East Texas

If your ready for your child to go to the next level or receive affordale training to give them the edge on the green, Click HERE!!