what is futsal?

Futsal is a 5v5 match played on a hard-court and not turf. Like outdoor soccer, the "Pitch" or field is marked with lines – including out-of-bounds, corners, goal line, and penalty marks.

Futsal is recognized worldwide by both FIFA and UEFA as an official form of indoor soccer. Athletes who engage in Futsal are able to enhance their natural abilities and strengthen their techniques to become exceptional players.

KO Indoor Complex brings a climate controlled, indoor Futsal field to Jacksonville, Texas that can be played year-round, in rain, sleet, or snow. Unlike indoor soccer, Futsal does not use walls or boards for creating plays. KO Indoor's pitch is approximately 100ft by 50ft with a 6-foot run off around the touch lines.

Creativity and technique are essential in Futsal, and ball passing and foot control make the difference between winning or losing. That's why KO Indoor has selected a hard-court material that has been recognized by the U.S. Futsal Federation (USFF).

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Highlight Tip... Possession

Futsal is a possession-based, technical game. Patience and creativity can and will go a long way. But no matter how patient you are to keep from driving straight for the goal or making creative plays, if you cannot control the ball or maintain possession, you most likely won’t come home with a "W".


Simply being able to shield the ball in one position can allow your teammates the opportunity to move into a better scoring spot.

Playing Back

Every coach has yelled "Play the ball back!". In Futsal, this may be required a dozen times before a solid shot on the goal is available. Keeping the ball in open territory allows for each play to be made with precision.


It is critical that you are always moving and looking for that open spot. "Gives-n-Goes" almost always destroy a defense when done right and in a sequence. In Futsal, if you're not moving, you're losing.

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